Parking at the Mascall Centre

In order to stop the increasing misuse of the Centre’s car park, we have contracted with Parking Eye to ensure that as many of our users as possible are able to park at the Centre for free, including the users of the businesses on our site.

How does it work?

An automated number plate registration system will photograph cars entering and leaving the site. On arrival, you will need to log your car registration number into one of the fixed terminals on site. In order to complete your registration, be sure to confirm your number plate on the screen two times and then exit. On leaving, the system will automatically log your car out.

Where are the fixed terminals be located?

They will be in the main building (at main reception as well as evening and weekend reception), In Steps Dance Studio, and the chiropractor’s office.

I am only dropping off/picking someone up but not staying. Do I still need to log in my number plate?

No. There will be a grace period, so drop-off and collection of children from nursery, dance, or any other activity on site will be unaffected.

What happens if a Centre user forgets to enter their number plate or enters an incorrect number plate (such as an O for a zero)?

If a car is not registered into one of the terminals, a parking charge notice (PCN) will be issued by Parking Eye. A total of six letters will be sent, with the motorist able to appeal at any time. A 'match checking' system is done before a PCN is sent, which involves a physical check of 18-20 items, including a check to see if a number has been entered incorrectly.

Who can I contact with additional questions and concerns about this new system?

Please contact Tina Healy, centre director, on 01584 873882 or at

Thank you for your understanding.

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